Henke has a rotating inventory of products that can ship in 30 days. Available products can change due to the seasonal nature of our industry. A few of our current offerings are listed below.

If you don’t see an item or quantity you want, don’t sweat it, our standard delivery times are typically quite a bit faster than the industry standard.

Contact a Henke Regional Sales Manager for more information.

Flat Plate HitchTruckFlat Plate Hitch Truck Portion5Flat Plate Hitch
Hi-Gate / Snow GateGraderHi-Gate for John Deere G Series Grader, Curbside 1Hi-Gate
HH HitchTruckHusting Hitch Truck Portion, 29"1Truck Hitches
HH HitchTruckHusting Hitch Truck Portion, 34"1Truck Hitches
QL HitchTruckQuick Link Hitch2Truck Hitches
QCP HitchTruckQuick Coupler Hitch2Truck Hitches
SQH Adapter Hitch, UQHTruckConnects UQH (Universal Quick Hitch) to Flat Plate2Truck Hitches
UQH HitchTruckUniversal Quick Hitch, Non Tilt5Truck Hitches
UQH HitchTruckUniversal Quick Hitch, Tilt3Truck Hitches
36R11IS,ECT,29HH, SWS BRKTS+TruckStraight Plow, 11', 36", Integral Snow Shield, External Compression Trip, 29" Husting Hitch, SWS Running Gear + Brackets2Straight Plows
40-72-10IS, PLP, SLTTruckOne-way/Funnel Plow, 10', 40"-72" Parallel Lift Plow, Slotted Trip1One-way/Funnel Plow
41R10IS,EST,29HH,PNETruckStraight Plow, 10', 41", Integral Snow Shield, Enclosed Spring Trip, 29" Husting Hitch, Pneumatic Running Gear1Straight Plows
QP42-12Loader, Grader12', 42” Quick Push Snow Pusher1Quick Push / Ramp Bucket
UBS12, Fixed AngleTruckUnder Body Scraper, 12’ Fixed Angle1Underbody Scraper
UTS-9TruckUnder Tailgate Spreader, 9" Auger, 4 cover/backplate settings4 (In Stock Item, can ship in 3-5 days)Henke UTS-9

*These items ship in 30 days or less.