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Henke Helper Jr.

For Graders and Loaders

The Henke Helper Junior is a down-pressure, dual-power, reverse utility dozer blade for loader backhoes and smaller wheel loaders.

  • Moderate height 30″ moldboard is ideal for medium duty snow (and aggregate) moving applications
  • Multiple box reinforced 1/4’’ rolled plate steel moldboard with full length 7’’ horizontal S&C channel center support and intermediate 1/2’’ ribs
  • Cutting edges are 3/4’’ x 6’’ high carbon blades (AASHTO Standard punched holes attached with 5/8’’ plow bolts)
  • A-Frame constructed of heavy 4’’ S&C channel mounted to a flat 3/4‘’ x 34″ x 62’’ backing plate enables multiple coupler mounting options
  • Two 4’’ x 20 3/4‘’ double-acting hydraulic cylinders with 2’’ chrome plated rods

Henke Helper Junior, Isometric

Henke Helper Junior, Side

Henke Helper Junior, Front

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