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Poly Flex Plow

For Trucks

When you need to combine the advantages of a one-way plow with a reversible plow, Henke’s Poly Flex Plow is the answer. this highly adjustable plow, can be manipulated to handle multiple snow clearing challenges.

  • Hydraulically adjustable on the fly
  • UHMW Polymer moldboard, will not crack at low temperatures or upon impact
  • Torsion Trip Edge is easy to adjust and maintain
  • Dual Reversing Cylinders, nitrided rods
  • Dual Moldboard Contouring Cylinders
  • Swivel Feature to follow road contours
  • 11′, 12′ and 14′ lengths
  • Multiple options available

Poly Flex Plow, Isometric

Poly Flex Plow, Side

Poly Flex Plow, Front

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