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Meet TJ, she’s certified MAD!!!

Join us as we congratulate TJ on achieving MadCap Advanced Developer, Flare Expert Certification. You ask, “What the heck is MadCap Flare?”To put it simply, Flare is a software application used to create and publish content across a wide variety of formats, languages and devices.

“And what does that have to do with Henke and our customer base?” Well… Since January 2009, TJ Coyle, our in-house Technical Writer and Publications Manager, has created, maintained, published, and tracked our product manuals and technical publications. Realizing there has to be a better way to manage content, track information and update publications across multiple platforms, TJ implemented the use of Flare to transform our product manuals from desktop publishing to state of the art publishing. Because of this, Henke has taken a giant leap forward, increasing content quality, consistency, and mainly manageability, giving our customers better rounded, and up-to-date informational resources.

Thank you TJ for your dedication and hard work. And hats “on” for mastering Flare to improve our product manuals and management of Henke’s growing documentation library.

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