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Snow Gate for Loaders and Graders - Drag and drop snow to keep driveways and intersections clear

The Henke Hi-Gate snow gate is designed to interrupt the material windrow for snow clearing past driveways, cars, and intersections in winter and reclaiming aggregate during summer operations.

Snow Gate Applications

  • Snow gates reduce snow in driveways
  • Snow gates reduce snow in intersections
  • Overwhelming public support – results in fewer calls for re-plowing
  • Can be used to reduce aggregate loss when grading in the summer


  • A spring cushioned road contact strip will be provided with a rubber cutting edge to allow for grader moldboard actuation and continuous down pressure.
  • Gate and cylinder are easily removed in minutes.
  • Allows for moldboard rotation.
  • Structural reinforcements throughout to prevent bending.
  • US Patent #s: 6,347,465 & 7100314
  • Weight: 600 pounds (approximate)
  • Length: 55 inches
  • Height: 33 inches
  • Hydraulics: 3” x 10” x 1 ¾” double acting cylinder

The video below is a 360 degree video, click on the play button and use the arrows to navigate the video to see different views.

“We tested two different type of snow gates during this three year process, and the Henke snow gates performed the best. They allowed us to get to the curb the closest, they were engineered so they fit our moldboard better, and it allowed us to clean the gutter-pan better than with the other snow gate.” ~ Gaylnn Huber, Street/Fleet Manager at City of Sioux Falls, SD

Henke Hi-Gate

Henke Hi-Gate

Henke Hi-Gate
Hi-Gate for Motor Grader and REL (Reversible End Loader)
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