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Combo: Road Warrior Series Plows + Wing

Shift to a higher standard with Henke's Road Warrior Series plows

HENKE’s ROAD WARRIOR SERIES has been developed to give you the flexibility to build the plow you need. By combining different options for style (C-Plow or J-Plow) height, width, profile, pushframe, trip and running gear you can easily create a highly customized “standard” plow.

  • Henke’s Grade 50 Steel is 39% stronger than A-36 Steel.
  • Henke’s Road Safe pushframe provides maximum strength and
    prevents bottom angle bending.
    Cylinders are located above the pushframe for protection against road debris and ease of maintenance.
  • Multiple trip options available.

Call us to help configure the best plow for your application.

HENKE’S EXCLUSIVE TRUE FLOAT POSTLESS WING – Our parallel linkage lift doesn’t bind up like traditional “slide style” post wings. That means less maintenance and a longer lasting product for you. Additionally, the unique “True Float”, non-trailing design reduces wing chatter and increases effectiveness at cutting through packed snow and ice.

  • The MOST vertical float than competing products
  • Available in full trip, trip edge, and non-trip models
  • Tapered 29″ intake, 36” discharge moldboard standard (31” tall straight moldboard available)
  • More durable than traditional slide style wings

(note: trip edge adds 5″ overall height to the moldboard)

SLIDE POST WINGS – We recognize that not all plowing situations are the same for every customer. Henke works with you to determine the best wing system for your environment.  Our slide post wings are available with 18″ or 42″ benching heights.

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