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Front Snow Plows for Loaders
Front Snow Plows for Loaders turn these powerful and agile machines into indispensable utility players with the ability to meet a variety of snow management scenarios. Choose from a wide range of front plow types to handle your winter maintenance challenges.

Severe Duty Dozer Blade

Henke REL with 60" Moldboard at Snowbird Ski Resort

Henke REL with 60" Moldboard at Snowbird Ski Resort

Airport Expressway Plow

Loader Backhoe Plow

For Heavy Duty Loader and Backhoe Applications

These plows feature extra-heavy components to withstand years of rugged use on industrial equipment. They are designed specifically for use on wheel loaders equipped with quick coupler hooks.

Severe Duty Dozer Blade (SDDB)

For Graders and Loaders

The Henke Severe Duty Dozer Blade is a super heavy-duty, high-curvature, box-panel reinforced dozer blade for use on motor graders and wheel loaders. Construction is extra heavy-duty, allowing operators to take an aggressive approach to snow removal.

Folding V-Plow

For Graders and Loaders

The Henke Folding V-Plow is a heavy duty, multi-directional dozer blade for wheel loaders and motor graders. It is designed to accept machine downpressure from wheel loader arms or Henke motor grader parallel lift groups, and is ideal for light dozing, grading and snow removal.

Reversible End Loader Plow (REL)

The most ruggedly built, full-tripping, power-reversing plow on the market

The Henke REL is specifically designed for wheel loaders and motor graders.

Henke REL with 60" Moldboard at Snowbird Ski Resort
Truck Plows

For Loaders

Most of Henke’s truck plows can be adapted for use with your Loader or Grader, just add an adapter and you’re ready to go!

Airport Plows

For Loaders

Airport operations require an extra measure of safety and efficiency, and Henke products for snow management on the flight line lead the industry for performance, durability and bottom line dependability . . . no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.

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