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Plow + Wing Combos for Loaders
There's a reason Henke offers these Plow/Wing combos . . . they provide the one-two punch to get the job done. With a number of combinations available, we can outfit your prime mover to most efficiently handle your specific snow management challenges. And, by buying these products together as a package, you can save money too! It's a win-win!
Combo: Folding V-Plow + Wing

Henke Folding V-Plow: Versatile, Multi-directional dozer blade

This is the ultimate in snowfighting equipment – combine a Folding V-Plow with Henke’s True Float, Postless Non-binding wing for handling tough applications and tight spaces. Slide Post wings are available for alternative benching needs.

Combo: Reversible End Loader Plow (REL) + Wing

The most ruggedly built, full-tripping, power-reversing plow on the market

Henke’s REL (Reversible End Loader) Plow is a popular choice for cities, municipalities and highway fleet managers when a full-tripping, power-reversing plow is needed. Built to last. Built to handle tough plowing situations and light dozing this plow can serve you year ’round. We recommend combining the REL with our exclusive True Float Postless wing. Slide post wings are available when needed.

Combo: Folding V-Plow - FVX + Wing

Excellent for urban/city plowing, especially for areas with lots of cul-de-sacs and roundabouts

Like our Folding V-Plow for Loaders/Graders, the Henke FVX truck plow adjusts to Scoop, Vee or Reversible plowing positions for maximum versatility. Chose the FVX when you need the function of a trip edge plow. Combine this with our True Float Postless wing and you’ve got one mean machine!

Combo: Road Warrior Series Plows + Wing

Shift to a higher standard with Henke's Road Warrior Series plows

This is the go to solution for many cities and muncipalities. Our modular Road Warrior system let’s you select from several trip options. This way you can dial in the perfect solution of your application. Combine these plows (CStyle or J Plow) with our True Float Postless wing and you’ll be set to go.

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