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Truck Wings
Snow wings improve "one-pass" snow clearing performance by allowing you to plow a dramatically wider swath. When snow management resources are limited, weather conditions become overwhelming or benching becomes necessary, snow wings put you in command of the situation. Henke offers a wide range of snow wings designed to work in all types of environments.
Postless Patrol Wing

Unique true float design eliminates binding and reduces chatter

Henke’s parallel linkage lift on the PPW doesn’t bind up like traditional “slide style” wings, requiring less maintenance, and lasting longer. Additionally, the unique “True Float”, non-trailing design reduces wing chatter and increases effectiveness at cutting through packed snow and ice.

High Benching Wing

When you need high level berm control, Henke's High Benching Wing helps you manage heavy snow accumulation

Part of our modular wing system, this category offers two front post options: 48″ all hydraulic lift, 68″ cable lift. Additionally, Henke’s exclusive Power Tilt Hitch features a severe duty, tubular design, plus the flexibility to mount on nearly any truck simply by using a different attaching kit.

Heavy Duty Patrol Wing

We have several choices available in multiple sizes, styles and options

As an integral part of our modular wing system, Henke’s heavy duty patrol wings are designed to function in a large variety of weather conditions and geographic environments.  Contact your Region’s Sales Manager for further assistance in selecting the perfect combination for your location.

Medium Duty Patrol Wing

The reliable choice that is easy to maintain and operate

When you need to fit your wing into a very compact space, this mid mount wing will do the trick. The front post mounts under the truck body while the wing is maneuvered with a single compact pushbeam.

Underbody Patrol Wing

Another compact option from Henke

Similar to our Medium Duty Patrol Wing, the Underbody Patrol Wing’s front hydraulic lift post fits under the truck body, saving you space when you need it. This wing category is part of Henke’s modular wing system, allowing you to configure the best tool for your truck body.

Tuckback Wing

The wing deploys in and out horizontally, tucking neatly against the truck

This wing stays parallel to the ground. Municipalities choose it when they have tight spaces to maneuver and when the operator wants to get close to the curb.

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