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Parallel Lift Plows V2.0 - Next Gen

When Henke introduced the Parallel Lift Plow our goal was to offer a plow that yielded superior plowing performance, ease of operation, and all around safety. Customers who switched from traditional chain lift plows agree that this is a better solution.

These are some of the benefits that have led customers to choose this product line:

  1. Level lifting: the plow lifts level at all angles. This has several benefits of its own like: keeping the weight evenly distributed on the front axle; safe and easy operation and ultimate control of the plow.
  2. Follows the contours of the road smoothly and effectively. Ever experience a plow that bounces or chatters? It’s not a good experience! Parallel lift plows do NOT bounce or chatter.
  3. Safer and easier to operate and maintain than traditional plows.
    > Easy to connect and disconnect (1 person job)
    > One common cylinder for lift functions and reversing functions
    > Flat plate hitch is much safer than traditional protruding arm hitches
    > Plow mounts closer to the truck and provides better ground clearance

This growing product line has many choices and options available such as:

  • Moldboard styles: straight reversible, funnel/one-way, expressway, folding v, extendable
  • options such as mailbox cutouts or “mouse ears” (discharge ears)
  • Multiple trip, hitch, and running gear options available
  • Wide variety of cutting edges, curb guards, and wear guards available
  • Many other options available, including rubber shields, rod markers, jack stands, etc
Parallel Lift Plows V2.0 - Next Gen

Enhanced version of the original Parallel Lift Plow

While Henke Engineers made deliberate improvements to the existing Parallel Lift Plow product line that doesn’t mean the same great features and benefits of the line have changed. They have only been enhanced for better performance and longevity.

Some of the specific enhancements include:

  • Structurally more sound pushframe – stronger but not heavier
  • Easier to maintain with more bushings
  • Added poly pad to swivel function which makes the plow follow the contours of the road more smoothly
  • Added a hydraulic accumulator which makes the power float function more responsive
True Float Parallel Lift Plow

Heavy duty plow + mechanical float

Take all of the advantages of the next gen Parallel Lift Plow v2.0 and add mechanical float into the mix – what do you get? The best of the best!

  • Plow follows the profile of the road and floats over obstacles, mechanically – no hydraulic float system is required
  • Over 23″ of vertical float
  • Simple to operate – remove the float lockout pin and plow
  • True float reacts quicker and with less resistance than hydraulic systems
  • Simple for end users and dealers – only 2 double-acting hydraulic circuits required
Straight Plows (C-Style and J-Style Moldboards)

Straight Moldboard, no tapering at discharge end

Straight/traditional moldboards are used for a wide variety of applications and in a wide variety of plowing environments:

  • High Speed and/or Slow/Low Speed
  • DOT
  • County and/or Rural and/or City/Urban
  • Airport
Expressway Plows

Expressway Moldboard, Tapering Toward Discharge End(s) from Center

Expressway moldboards typically have a “bow tie” (or partial “bow tie”) shape to them; they’re typically – but not always – higher on the discharge ends than in the middle. Some common End-Middle-End moldboard heights are:

  • 40-40-58
  • 58-40-58
  • 53-46-53
  • 36-36-54 – Tube Table, Torsion Trip Edge Only
  • 54-36-54 – Tube Table, Torsion Trip Edge Only
  • 66-41-66 – Tube Table, Slotted Trip Edge Only

Expressway moldboards are used for a wide variety of applications and in a wide variety of plowing environments:

  • High Speed and/or Slow/Low Speed
  • DOT
  • County and/or Rural and/or City/Urban
  • Airport
FVX Plows

Folding V-Plow for Trucks adjust to Scoop, Vee, or Reversible, for maximum versatility

The Henke FVX is ideal for urban/city plowing, especially for areas with lots of cul-de-sacs and roundabouts. Typically used in:

  • Slow/Low Speed
  • City/Urban
Extendable Plows

Easily extends from a standard plow width to a wider plow

Henke’s extendable plow makes your crew more efficient by giving the ability to clear more snow. This plow is easy to operate and control with a single joystick.

Designed with safety in mind, the plow is highly visible from inside the cab. With only one blade to monitor, problems associated with wings are eliminated:

  • Visibility for the operator and traveling public
  • Wings take more time to lower and raise
  • Wings can cause damage to the truck and body

It’s also quicker and easier to change your truck from season to season since you only need to remove one front plow.

Parallel Lift Plow - Airport

For Trucks

Bring the best of both worlds to your airport. Henke’s world class Airport plows combined with our Parallel Lift system can provide the ultimate plowing experience for airports.

Remote Grease Option

Grease All Ports From The Bulkhead

Grease lines run from each grease point to two combined bulkhead plates, making greasing the plow faster and easier.

  • 18 Or 20 Grease Lines
  • 1 Bulkhead On Plow Portion Hitch, 1 On Pushframe
  • Field Retrofit Assembly Available
  • Does not work with Mechanical Float Parallel Lift Plow
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