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Truck Hitches

Henke offers a wide variety of commonly used truck hitches and truck attachment kits to fit just about any plow hitch being used, anywhere in the country.

The following include the most popular hitches that we sell. Click to learn more.

UQH Hitch Style

Universal Pin-On Hitch Style

QCP Hitch Style

Quick Link Hitch Style

Flat Plate, Isometric View

SQH Adapter, Isometric, (UQH Style Shown)

Husting Hitch, Male, Installed

Flat Plate Hitches

Reduced Weight
The flat plate weighs less than a typical truck hitch. The flat plate hitch weighs about 450lbs, including the “cheek plates”/truck attachments, whereas a standard UQH style truck hitch (including truck attachments and lift cylinder) weighs about twice that much.


  • Reduced maintenance for front-axle related issues
  • Improved fuel mileage
  • Improved ground clearance (bottom of the flat plate is higher than the bottom of a standard truck hitch)

Faster to hook up/un-hook plows
According to the feedback we’ve received, the flat plate style hitches have reduced the time it takes to hook up (or unhook) a plow.

Increased Safety
The flat plate hitch is, by design, less protrusive than the typical truck hitch, especially when considering the lift arm (“stinger”) of the truck hitch. In the event of a collision between a plow truck and another vehicle, this could be the difference between life and death.

SQH Adapter Hitches

The SQH hitch/adapter allows a fleet manager to switch his truck portion hitch to the flat-plate design (reduces weight, better ground clearance, safer), while still coupling to his non-flat-plate plows. Basically, the truck side of the SQH connects to the flat plate on the truck, and the plow side couples with any of the commonly used plow hitches.

UQH Hitches

The most popular quick hitch in the industry. Multiple manufacturers offer this hitch, and Henke’s hitch is compatible with all of them.

Universal Pin-On Hitches

The pin-on style hitch is probably the most-used hitch design in use. Henke offers multiple different options with varying center-to-center spacing for the pin ears, as well as the depth/length of the pin ears themselves.

QCP Hitches

A very simple, single-pin connection system commonly used in the Northeast US. The QCP hitch (truck portion) drops a 2.5″ diameter, solid-steel pin through a loop formed of 2.0″ diameter solid steel on the plow portion. Connecting is fast, easy, and secure.

Quick Link Hitches

The “Quick Link” style is essentially the mirror image of the UQH style hitch. With the UQH, the jaws of the hitch are on the plow portion hitch. With the QL style, the jaws are on the truck portion of the hitch.

Husting Hitches

Both 29" and 34" styles available.

The Husting Hitch (and the verdict is still out on whether Husting rhymes with “Rusting” or with “You sting”) is a decades-old design that represented the industry’s first attempts at getting a plow to lift level. Although this design is being used less and less as fleets transition to the flat-plate/parallel lift style design, many fleets still use it.

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