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Powerful, Versatile Attachments for Loaders
Industrial loaders have the agility to perform a lot of snow moving tasks with ease, and Henke offers a wide range of products to equip your machine for efficient performance.


Front Snow Plows

Front Snow Plows for Loaders turn these powerful and agile machines into indispensable utility players with the ability to meet a variety of snow management scenarios. Choose from a wide range of front plow types to handle your winter maintenance challenges.

Plow/Wing Combos

There’s a reason Henke offers these Plow/Wing combos . . . they provide the one-two punch to get the job done. With a number of combinations available, we can outfit your prime mover to most efficiently handle your specific snow management challenges. And, by buying these products together as a package, you can save money too! It’s a win-win!

Henke FV-12/SWL Combo
Henke FV-12/SWL Combo
Henke FV-12/SWL Combo
Snow Wings - SWL

When snow management resources are limited, weather conditions become overwhelming, or benching becomes necessary, snow wings put you in command of the situation.


When the snow gets deep and keeps on coming, Henke answers the call with our rugged, dependable line of V-Plows. These monsters tackle the heaviest accumulation and drifting with unmatched performance. Life must go on, even in the harshest winter conditions, and when you have ultimate responsibility for clearing the way, you can depend on Henke snowfighting products to help you get the job done.

Henke FV12 on Deere 624J
Henke FV12 on Deere 624J
Henke FV12 on Deere 624J
Airport Plows

Airport operations require an extra measure of safety and efficiency, and Henke products for snow management on the flight line lead the industry for performance, durability and bottom line dependability . . . no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.

Snow Baskets

Double (or triple) the carrying capacity of your loader with a Henke Snow Basket.

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