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Sourcewell Contract

Sourcewell is a government agency ( whose analysts streamline the procurement process for you by developing RFPs (request for proposals) and IFBs (invitation for bid) for national, competitive solicitations that meet or exceed your local requirements. Their rigorous process is continually refined to best meet the needs of participating agencies. You will save time and money by purchasing from the ready-to-use, competitively solicited contracts.

No cost – No obligation – Bid Compliant – Legal

If you would like to become a member (completely free), click on the button below to go directly to Sourcewell, or if you prefer, Contact Sales, and we’ll be happy to assist you in the process.

The Sourcewell Bidding Process

Sourcewell facilitated the national competitive bid processes on behalf of their members and Henke has been awarded contract #080818 – HEN for the sale of Complete Turnkey Trucks and Attachments for Trucks, Loaders and Graders.

Solutions Made Simple and Easy

Members are legally allowed to purchase off Sourcewell contracts, while satisfying their own competitive bid requirements. Save valuable time, resources and money!

Sourcewell’s 11-Step Procurement Process

  1. Research Member Needs
  2. Researach Solutions Available in the Marketplace
  3. Request Permission from Sourcewell Board of Directors
  4. Draft and Advertise RFPs
  5. Receive Bidders’ Responses
  6. Extensive Evaluation of Bidders’ Proposals
  7. Recomendations to the Sourcewell Board
  8. Award Vendor Contracts
  9. Post Approved Contract Documents
  10. Develop and Implement Plan with Awarded Vendors
  11. Review and Maintain Contract Throughout the Term

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