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Flat Plate Hitch

Allows users to remove the plow hitch when not in use

Reduced Weight
The flat plate weighs less than a typical truck hitch. The flat plate hitch weighs about 450lbs, including the “cheek plates”/truck attachments, whereas a standard UQH style truck hitch (including truck attachments and lift cylinder) weighs about twice that much.


  • Reduced maintenance for front-axle related issues
  • Improved fuel mileage
  • Improved ground clearance (bottom of the flat plate is higher than the bottom of a standard truck hitch)

Faster to hook up/un-hook plows
According to the feedback we’ve received, the flat plate style hitches have reduced the time it takes to hook up (or unhook) a plow.

Increased Safety
The flat plate hitch is, by design, less protrusive than the typical truck hitch, especially when considering the lift arm (“stinger”) of the truck hitch. In the event of a collision between a plow truck and another vehicle, this could be the difference between life and death.

Flat Plate, Isometric View

Flat Plate, Side View

Flat Plate, Front View

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