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HXC Cartridge Spreader

The ONLY V-Box spreader with a replaceable conveyor cartridge for easy maintenance

The replaceable cartridge in our innovative HXC Spreader is not only easier to service and repair, it also allows you to choose between an auger, dual auger, or pintle chain. This gives you the control and versatility you need for your specific materials and spreading applications.

  • Easy maintenance and clean-out with removable cartridge (no need to climb into the hopper)
  • Modular design reduces cost of ownership by providing longer service life of the main structure and hopper (replace a worn out cartridge rather than replacing the whole unit)
  • Adjustable Spinner chutes are available with dumpover and tilt up options
  • Pre-wet and De-icing systems are available
  • Built in hydraulic lockout systems on all auger spreaders
  • Spinners are available in poly or steel versions
  • Hopper vertical extension available for increased capacity
  • Select from several options including top grates, rib mounted rollers, stationary or swing up ladder, bumper guard, front and side spill shields

Spreader with 24" Pintle Chain Cartridge

Spreader with Single 9" Auger Cartridge

Spreader with Dual 7" Auger Cartridge

Top View

Back View

Side view

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