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Weird & Different for Graders
What makes these products weird and different? Henke strives to make products that solve your snow management problems and make your operations more efficient and effective. Weirdly innovative and different from our competition . . . that's Henke!
Henke Hi-Gate
Henke Hi-Gate

Henke Hi-Gate

Snow Basket, Isometric

Barrier Scraper Plow, Top View


Drag and drop snow to keep driveways and intersections clear

The Hi-Gate is a hydraulically-operated snow gate that bolts to the back of a grader moldboard or Henke’s Reversible End Loader Plow (REL).

Folding V-Plow

For Graders and Loaders

The Henke Folding V-Plow is a heavy duty, multi-directional dozer blade for wheel loaders and motor graders. It is designed to accept machine downpressure from wheel loader arms or Henke motor grader parallel lift groups, and is ideal for light dozing, grading and snow removal.

Snow Baskets

For Loaders

Double (or triple) the carrying capacity of your loader with a Henke Snow Basket.

Barrier Scraper

Additional information for this product coming soon!

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