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We are proud to showcase these world class Henke snowfighting solutions as some of the finest examples of our commitment to innovation, performance and value.
HXC Cartridge Spreader

The ONLY V-Box spreader with a replaceable conveyor cartridge for easy maintenance

The replaceable cartridge in our innovative HXC Spreader is not only easier to service and repair, it also allows you to choose between an auger, dual auger, pintle chain or pure belt conveyor. This gives you the control and versatility you need for your specific materials and spreading applications.

Tailgate Spreader

All the best features in one robust unit

Our unique, multi-position cover/backplate allows for better access.

Postless Patrol Wing

Unique true float design eliminates binding and reduces chatter

The non-trailing, postless patrol wing design cuts through snow and ice more effectively than trailing style wings.

Henke PPW Rear Lift
Grader Wing - Postless (PLHW)

Postless Hydraulic Wing

Additional information on this product coming soon!

Postless Hydraulic Wing
Henke PLHW
Henke PLHW
Henke PLHW
Postless Hydraulic WingPostless Hydraulic WingPostless Wing On CAT G T4

Drag and drop snow to keep driveways and intersections clear

The Henke Hi-Gate snow gate is designed to interrupt the material windrow for snow clearing past driveways, cars, and intersections in winter and reclaiming aggregate during summer operations.