Meet The REL Beast With Henke’s New Mechanical Float

Meet the REL Beast with Henke’s New Mechanical Float

Meet the REL Beast on our new YouTube video... Henke's heavy duty plow is now available with our mechanical float feature which makes plow operation easy as it follows rugged vertical terrain. Couple it with our swivel back plate and you get the full gamut of coverage side to side. Hands down this plow has the strongest pushframe in the industry while it allows you to add down pressure for packed snow and ice. But it doesn't stop there, the trip…

Henke Celebrates 1000 DAYS No Lost Time!!!

Henke Celebrates 1000 DAYS no lost time!!!

Safety first is not just lip service at Henke, we recently celebrated reaching a big milestone ~ 1000 DAYS with no loss time due to accidents!!! In heavy metal manufacturing that’s a big deal. And to show appreciation to everyone at Henke, Management hosted a catered steak luncheon with all the trimmings + dessert! Now that’s sweet!

Henke Welcomes New Sales Manager For Southeast Territory

Henke Welcomes New Sales Manager for Southeast Territory

Henke has added a new gun to the sales team, meet Josh Tollefson, our new Sales Manager for the Southeast Territory. Josh has related industry experience and an extensive background in heavy equipment, diesel engines, hydraulics and manufacturing.  Originally from the Midwest area (Hiawatha, KS), he was born and raised on a dairy farm. He started out working as a mechanic, proved himself and was promoted to management. Not long after that, Josh found his true career path belonged in sales.…

Henke Is In The Zone Of Totality

Henke is in the Zone of Totality

Eclipse2017: Henke is in the Zone of Totality in more ways than one! While we’re in the middle of the path for this year’s total eclipse, we have given NASA approved safety eyewear to our entire workforce. That’s Totality for All!  This is big to Henke, the last time we were in the path was 1918! If you can’t make it to the path of totality you can still safely view a partial eclipse and you can still enjoy totality…

New Mechanical Float Available For Loaders/Graders

New Mechanical Float Available for Loaders/Graders

Henke’s heavy duty plows for loaders/graders now feature a NEW, exclusive mechanical float option that allows the plow to smoothly follow rugged terrain and the contours of the road while making it easier for the operator to maintain optimal plow position. This feature allows the plow to “float” up and down over uneven terrain. It can float through a range of about 10 inches. Customers will like this feature because it means the operator doesn’t have to use their lift arms…

Meet Henke’s New Safety Coordinator

Meet Henke’s New Safety Coordinator

Henke is proud to announce the addition of Krysia Puckhaber, Safety Coordinator. Krysia has her BS in Occupational Safety and Health and is designated as a Graduate Safety Practitioner (GSP). She has experience with risk control for construction management plus environmental and safety experience in a manufacturing setting. The addition of Krysia to our team illustrates Henke’s ongoing commitment to #SafetyFirst. As of today, we are 1070 days accident-free. Please join us in welcoming Krysia to our team.

Henke’s New Design Engineer

Henke’s New Design Engineer

We are proud to announce the promotion of Michael Hollnagel from Engineering Intern to Design Engineer. Michael has interned with us since 2015, while he was pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kansas. He was the Chassis Team Design Lead on KU's Jayhawk Motorsports SAE Formula Racing Team. This team went on to place 3rd out of 100th overall for their combustion engine vehicle in the FSAE Lincoln competition. Michael is currently working on new product…

Henke HXC2000 Cartridge Spreader

Henke HXC2000 Cartridge Spreader

Henke's HXC2000 Cartridge Spreader, the only V-Box Spreader on the market with remove-able conveyor systems. Designed to be easy to maintain and cost-effective for the long haul. Check out this video on our YouTube channel: