V-Plows for Trucks
When the snow gets deep and keeps on coming, Henke answers the call with our rugged, dependable line of V-Plows. These monsters tackle the heaviest accumulation and drifting with unmatched performance. Life must go on, even in the harshest winter conditions, and when you have ultimate responsibility for clearing the way, you can depend on Henke snowfighting products to help you get the job done.
V9 5 Water Test Photo
Folding V-Plows (FVX)

For Trucks

The Henke FVX is ideal for urban/city plowing, especially for areas with lots of cul-de-sacs and roundabouts. The FVX adjust to Scoop, Vee or Reversible plowing positions for maximum versatility.

V-10 LP Fixed V-Plow (Low Profile)

For Loaders and Class 8 Trucks

The V-10’s unique blade curvature helps bust through drifts and deep snow to open roads. Primarily used on trucks and loaders. Very seldomly used on graders.