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Come see Henke at APWA Western Snow Conference in Loveland, Sept 26 – 28

Join us at the American Public Works Association Western Snow Conf, we’ll be doing a presentation on Equipment Designed for Safety and Easy Maintenance. The presentation will be in the Major Sponsor Showcase area, Thurs., Sept 27th at 10:30a.

The presentation will cover a few of the products that Henke has designed that create the best situations, day in, day out for those who work hard to keep our infrastructure up and running.

No design or product should be developed in a vacuum. We recognized the importance of working with not only the decision makers who specify the product, but also with the operators and maintenance professionals who work with the product. Being in touch with what goes on out in the field is critical to developing products that are safe and easy to maintain.

Four products that Henke has brought to the table that respond to the need for safe and maintainable solutions are:

  1. Flat Plate Hitch, Flat Plate Adapters (then lead into #2)
  2. Parallel Lift Plow with Grease Zerks
  3. True Float Postless Wing with Adjustable Wing Stop
  4. Cartridge Spreader

Flat Plate Hitch (our NEW Standard)

  • Allows the plow and hitch to easily removed when not in use
  • Increase safety – no hitch with a protruding arm
  • Flat plate weighs significantly less than typical truck hitch
  • Faster to hook up and un hook plows
  • Better ground clearance than tradtional hitches

Parallel Lift Plow

  • Level lifting at all angles
  • Follows contours of the road smoothly
  • Safe/easy to operate and maintain

Parallel Lift Plow has been enhanced with a Manifold which delivers lubrication to the 20 grease zerks on the plow. This keeps the plow in good working order and reaches grease points that are too hard to get to. We developed the manifold for WSDOT and MTDOT and the feedback we’ve received is: “This is the best thing ever, hands down. Increases longevity, and maintenance is almost nothing. “


Snow Wing with Adjustable Wing Stop

  • We studied the problems that were being encountered in the field
  • Trucks and dump bodies come in many shapes and sizes, which lends to problems with wing damage
  • We developed the adjustable wing stop to prevent damage to trucks, tanks, bodies, mirrors and wings

Cartridge Spreader Smartest choice for Easy Maintenance and Cost Savings

  • Removeable conveyor system – easy to service or repair
  • Budget consdirations
  • Modular design – change or replace conveyor system vs. the whole unit




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