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How tall is your snowplow?

How tall is your snowplow? Seems like a pretty straightforward question, yes?

OK, fine: How tall is this snowplow?

41R10IS_moldboard height_Text

Depends on where you measure it from, doesn’t it. Also, the layback angle is a relevant factor. To dramatize the point, check out this image:

41R10IS_moldboard height-02

And (and!), to further complicate things, the cutting edge height matters. Is the cutting edge 6″ tall or 8″ tall? It matters.

So, regardless of the plow, you need to specify at least three (3) things when you request a snowplow to be [X] tall:

  • With what cutting edge?
  • At what layback angle?
  • Measuring from the ground to [X] on the plow.

BTW, Henke defines the height [X] of the plow as the highest spot on the inside of the moldboard. If you’re interested. (IYI)

41R10IS_moldboard height_Correct

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