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True Float Parallel Lift Plow – the Next Generation of Parallel Lift Plows

Henke’s Parallel Lift Plow has been considered the ultimate plow by states, counties, cities and municipalities across the nation for years. Most customers who have switched from the traditional chain lift plow to the flat plate and parallel lift plow say they would never go back.

At the 2019 APWA Snow & Ice Conference in Salt Lake City, we introduced our “Gen2” True Float Parallel Lift Plow. This new plow, based on the original design, takes quality and performance to the next level.

Some of the added features and value of this plow include:
1. Mechanical Float Link: New mechanical float link allows the plow to follow the profile of the road and float over road obstacles without a hydraulic float system. Henke’s True Float Plow has 23″ of vertical float plus mechanical float can react to changes in elevation more quickly and with less resistance than hydraulic systems

2. Taking complicated hydraulics out of this plow makes it simple for Dealers and simple for End users to install and operate. The plow comes with a float lock out pin which is kept in place when attaching/detaching the plow from the truck. Then the operator simply removes the lock out pin to plow and allow the mechanical float to engage.

3. Plow attaches to the truck with plenty of clearance for operators and mechanics to have access to the hood of the truck for maintenance and repair on the trucks engine.

4. Henke also increased the size of the main pushframe tube which gives the plow a greatly increased strength for durability and product life.

5. Accumulators have been added to give an extra safety measure preventing damage that can occur in tough winter time situations.

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