Arm Your Trucks for Battle
Heavy duty trucks are ideal platforms for a wide variety of snowfighting equipment and Henke makes the best of the best. Add our plows, hitches, wings, scrapers and spreaders to your arsenal to meet the pow head on.


Front Plows for Trucks

After 100+ years of building plows, whatever it is you’re thinking of, we’ve either built it or determined it shouldn’t be built. Lots to look at here. If you don’t see what you have in mind, please contact us.

CO DOT 013
Parallel Lift Plows for Trucks

Technically, Parallel Lift plows (you may see us abbreviate them as PLP plows) are also front plows, but their unique, parallel lift pushframe merits giving them their own category.

V-Plows for Trucks

V-Plows look simple, but there’s a reason so few companies offer them. To do it right, you need to know what you’re doing. We do. Check ’em out.

V9 5 Water Test Photo
Airport Plows for Trucks

As with our other truck plow designs, Henke has a broad portfolio of truck plows for airports. And, as always, if you don’t see the plow you’re looking for, contact us; we’ve probably built it before.

Truck Hitches

Whether it’s Flat Plate hitches for Parallel Lift plows, or Universal Quick Hitches, or Pin Hitches, Henke most likely has the truck hitch you need.

UQH Style Hitch, Full View
Truck Wings

Henke offers the broadest selection of truck wings in the industry.

Taos 06
Underbody Scraper

Henke’s scraper is – and has been – a standard to which other scrapers are held in comparison. We build a very good UBS.


Henke joined the snow & ice spreader game by making a big splash with an innovative new design. Be sure to check out our cartridge style spreaders, which allow the end-user to pull the entire conveyor cartridge at once, so repairs can be made in the shop, not in the hopper!

Also check out our undertailgate spreader. The only spreader on the market with a full flat folding cover/backplate. The ultimate choice for easy maintenance and superior performance.