High Benching Wing

Henke's HBW benches heavy snow, giving you the control you need for varying conditions

Henke’s Modular Wing System features two front post options and three rear post options for high benching wings.

  • Available in full trip, trip edge and non-trip designs
  • 29” intake, 36” discharge moldboard standard (31” tall straight moldboard available)
  • Front mount
  • Dual pushbeams, standard or heavy duty
  • Front post options: 48” lift all hydraulic, 68” lift with cable
  • Rear post options available: 48” slide + hydraulic lift between pushbeams, 34” slide + cable lift with cabinet, Fixed rear + hydraulic lift between pushbeams

Henke’s Modular Wing System – the fast, smart way to configure the best wing for your application. The images to the right show a few of the configurations available. Contact us for the best design for your truck body and operating environment.

Hydraulic Rear Post