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SB16 and FV20!

When the guys from Southern Auto Auction said they needed some big, heavy duty snowplows, and asked if we could help, we replied in the affirmative.

60 Days later (ARO), we are proud to unveil the world’s very first 16 yd3 Snowbasket, as well as the world’s very first, 20ft Folding V-Plow!

Pictured below is the SB-16. It’s 12ft wide, 6ft tall, and 6ft deep.

16 Cubic Yard Snowbasket
Pictured from L-to-R: Mason Fiatte, Rich Deka, Matt Hood, Robert Madison, and Patrick Silvey

And below is the FV-20. Think about that for a moment: It’s two, 10ft plows, connected with a massive, 3″ solid steel, center pivot pin. (The same 3″ pivot pin we use on our FV-12s, and our Parallel Lift plows, for what it’s worth!)

20ft Folding V-Plow!
Pictured from L-to-R: Rich Deka, Patrick Silvey, and Mason Fiatte

Our President, Matt Hood, below, beaming with evident pride!


What unique snow and ice challenges do you face? Give us a call, maybe we can help!

### Updated 2015-10-28 ###

On site, ready for snow!

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