Truck Wings
Snow wings improve "one-pass" snow clearing performance by allowing you to plow a dramatically wider swath. When snow management resources are limited, weather conditions become overwhelming or benching becomes necessary, snow wings put you in command of the situation.
Henke PPW Rear Lift
Henke PPW Rear Lift

The Rear Lift PPW offers TWO moldboard mounting positions to bring wing closer to the truck

Patrol Wing With Post, Front Lift, HDPW Post, ISO

Heavy Duty Patrol Wing, Rear-Lift, Mid-Mount, Isometric View

Patrol Wing With Post, Front Lift, Lenexa Post, ISO

Lenexa Post Patrol Wing, Rear-Lift, Mid-Mount, Isometric View

Underbody Patrol Wing, Front

Underbody Patrol Wing, Isometric View

High Benching Wing, ISO

High Benching, Rear-Lift, Front-Mount Wing, Isometric View


Postless Patrol Wing, Front-Lift, Isometric


Postless Patrol Wing, Rear-Lift, Isometric

Postless Patrol Wing

Unique true float design eliminates binding and reduces chatter

Henke’s parallel linkage lift on the PPW doesn’t bind up like traditional “slide style” wings, requiring less maintenance, and lasting longer. Additionally, the unique “True Float”, non-trailing design reduces wing chatter and increases effectiveness at cutting through packed snow and ice.

Henke PPW Rear Lift
High Benching Wing

High Benching knocks the top of the berms away from traffic

Heavy Duty Patrol Wing

Heavy Duty Patrol Wing Provides 46" Of Lift At Leading End Of Moldboard

Medium Duty Patrol Wing


Underbody Patrol Wing

The Underbody Patrol Wing Fits Under The Truck Bed Taking Advantage Of Very Little Space

Tuckback Wing

The Tuckback Wing Slides In and Out From The Truck, Tucking Out Of The Way When Not In Use