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New Mechanical Float Available for Loaders/Graders

Henke’s heavy duty plows for loaders/graders now feature a NEW, exclusive mechanical float option that allows the plow to smoothly follow rugged terrain and the contours of the road while making it easier for the operator to maintain optimal plow position.

This feature allows the plow to “float” up and down over uneven terrain. It can float through a range of about 10 inches. Customers will like this feature because it means the operator doesn’t have to use their lift arms in hydraulic float, and can still apply down force if needed. It comes equipped with a sight gauge to see equilibrium point and total float travel, as well as a spring return/mild shock absorber. The sight gauge takes the guess work out of operating the plow and makes it easier for the operator to keep the plow in an optimal position.

It is available in both swivel and non-swivel versions. Either the hooks/coupler are rigidly attached to the back of the hitch (non-swivel) or the hooks are attached to a plate, and bolted to the back of the hitch through slots that allow it to swivel.

Contact your Regional Sales Manager for more information.

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