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Henke Talon - 500 & 800 V2 Series

The most ruggedly built debris-bucket on the market

Perfect for moving/removing trash, debris, brush, leaves, landscape and construction materials. Also a great tool for clean up after major storms or other catastrophic events.

The Talon is specifically designed for wheel loaders. Standard features include:

  • Bolt-on cutting edges and wear guards
  • Double paneled side walls
  • Box-reinforced panel construction
  • Greaseable, gusset and tube reinforced hinge lines
  • Bolt-on Cylinder guards
  • Modular back plate (swap out couplers)
  • Bushings at all pin connection points


  • Mechanical float
  • Stronger, 4” x 10” double-acting reversing cylinders
  • Bolt on debris guards


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